How to care for a Reborn Baby Dolls

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Caring for Reborn Baby Dolls is not all that hard, but it can be repetitive if you are not changing the clothes often.

Dust can settle into their creases and become easily stuck to the vinyl and the paint can start fading if the proper precautions are not taken.

Although Reborn's do not cry like a real baby would it does not mean you can just chuck them in the corner and forget about them, they are a collectors item and therefore should be cared for properly.

First you want to undress your baby and lay them down on a towel.

You will need to get some supplies ready before attempting to clean them.

Things you will need:

-Small soft bristled paint brush

-Face washer

-Baby powder (optional)

-Baby shampoo/ some sort of soap like product

-A small bowl filled with warm water

-Baby brush


1. Take the soft bristled brush and go into the creases to dislodge the dust that may be sitting in there.

2. Use the baby shampoo and put a small amount into the warm water (CAUTION: YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE TOO MUCH SOAP AS IT MAY TAKE OFF THE PAINT)

3. Use the face washer and lightly dampen it and start washing very softly over the doll, don't be too rough, as you may take off the paint.

4. Wash all over your baby until you think he/she is clean. If your baby has rooted hair you will need to lightly go over this as well.

5. Dry your baby with a towel. Again be ultra careful with your babies hair.

Once this is all complete dress and powder your baby to your satisfaction and of course brush their hair into the style that you would like.

You are now finished.

To keep them from becoming broken you will need to take extra care while doing all of the above as they are a collectors Item and are not a kids toy.

You do not have to change their clothes regularly, but if you are taking them out often and are handling them a lot, you may want to change them every now and then.

When handling them, you want assure you support their head just like a real baby, this secures their head from falling off or coming out of it's socket, to avoid splitting cloth bodies make sure not to carry them by their arms or legs as this may cause tearing and costs in fixings.

Sometimes their paint may fade, to help with this you would want to keep them covered and away from the sun.

Not only does the sun fade their paint, it also can make the vinyl on your Reborn Baby Dolls warped and melt the arms or legs.

You do not want to leave your reborn in the car, If you are going to take them anywhere and you know you will not be taking them in with you, leave your reborn at home where it is safe and can not be wrecked.

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